Our Story

Our Story

The Story of Fat Polly's

Ahoy, me hearties! Cruising through Lake of the Ozarks, looking for the best local hot spots. Look no further–You’re already there for lunch or dinner, a private party, or happy hour, and the best live entertainment on the Lake.

Fat Polly left the sea life and opened her land-side pub in 2005 with a menu of appetizers and salads, fresh soups, sandwiches, wraps, and entrees. She’s even got a special menu for your tiny lads and lassies. Finish off your meal with a slice of Polly’s cheesecake, made from scratch in-house.

Fat Polly’s back in the kitchen, whippin’ up your favorites. She learned her way around the galley back in the day on the “Crimson Eel” cookin’ for a band of ruffians and hooligans known for pillaging treasures from unsuspecting islanders. No one on the Crimson Eel dared back talk ol’ Polly, though… It was down the plank if ye did.* So, sheath your sword like a good buccaneer, and enjoy your lake-side food and beverages. And, give ol’ Fat Polly a wave and hearty, “Yo, ho ho!”

*OK, maybe this is a bit of a sea tale.