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Our Menu

Fat Polly's Pub located in Lake of the Ozarks is a brand new restaurant for lunch, dinner, a private party or happy hour!

The newest hot spot offering a social get together with friends to have the best appetizers and thirst quenching drinks.

OR Enjoy . . .

  • Our Mouth watering sandwiches for lunch
  • A delightful burger meal
  • A quick refreshing salad
  • An important business lunch
  • A delicious pizza for supper
  • A romantic pasta dinner for two
  • A winner winner chicken dinner
At Fat Polly's Pub, a table awaits your family for an amazing dining experience serving seasoned and savoring steak! We are all about fun and exciting private parties, or happy hour! So come to Fat Polly's for a simple panoramic lake view and Satisfy your hunger with our extravagant menu!

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Enjoy a full breakfast buffet on the weekends

Breakfast Buffet

8:00am-11:00am Sundays

Adults $12 and Kids $8.


11:00am-3:00pm Tuesday - Friday


Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL Specials!


All You Can Eat - Build your own nachos $12


Chef's chili specials, including chili cheese dogs and frito pie


Chef's choice appetizer sampler $12


Scenic Relaxing Casual Lakeview

Festive Entertainment WEEKLY


Serving the Lake of the Ozarks communities of Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, Linn Creek, Camdenton, Sunrise Beach, Porto Cima, Laurie, Greenview, Eldon in Missouri. And Many more. Located at the 16 mile marker from the lake with a view from the cove of The Lodge at Port Arrowhead.

Lake Ozark

This is located at The Lodge at Port Arrowhead. Easily visited by water and roads and recommended the best in town.

3080 Bagnell Dam Blvd. (3.16 mi)

Lake Ozark, Missouri 65049

Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 11:00am - 1:30am

During Winter - CLOSED MONDAYS

Sunday 8:00am to Midnight

(573) 693-9988

Lake Ozark

Visit The Lodge at Port Arrowhead today! Call for your reservation.

(573) 693-9988

Our Marina - MarineMax

Enjoy One of the Lake's Best Marinas - MarineMax!

(573) 365-5382


Fat Polly's Pub Restaurant of Lake of the Ozarks.

Our Story

At Fat Polly's Pub, our passion is to serve our lake restaurant patrons the finest food and drinks in Lake of the Ozarks.

The Legend of Polly the Parrot.

Note: No one knew for certain what sex Polly was.

Some say she was Polly - the foul mouthed sourdough parrot of Fleet street, an African Grey pirate's parrot sometimes found aboard the Princess Sophia, a parrot with a heart of gold, pure 14 carat. Polly would drink whiskey until she got so drunk she fell off her perch. Yet, when around kids, Polly became a new bird and sang sweetly whenever children sat down for homemade food in the restaurant.

Reportedly born in 1850 and in some places said to be born in 1886. Most say Polly lived to the age of 125, but all agree Polly had a long and unusual life.

Polly is known to have truly exceptional and celebrated unusual talents including great skill at mimicking noises. Such as the imitation of the popping of corks and gurgle of wine! Polly is known to say things like "Scotch!", "Rats!" or "More Wine, Sir!" to customers and give fictitious orders galore like "Shiver me timbers!", "Jump to it, shark-bait!" or "Shut up, you lily-livered bird-brain!".

The legend grew, and when in August 1905 Polly disappeared after his cage was left open, the hunt for the bird was big news. A search party was organized of fleet footed waiters looking among the chimney pots and telegraph wires of the streets of London. Policemen were offered gold to find Polly dead or alive and return him to the restaurant. Later in the evening when all seemed lost, a man walking along Farringdon Avenue in London was asked "give me a kiss darling" to which he replied "certainly not", when the phantom voice then demanded "pudding and two veggies!" and "Hurry up!" It was of course Polly, who was caught and with much rejoicing returned to the pub.

In early 1915, the bird came under the care of Captain James Alexander, who ran the Engineer Mine located on the shore of Tagish Lake east of Atlin, British Columbia and moved to Canada.

In October 1918, Alexander and his wife left the bird behind while they went south for a visit. Sadly, they did not make it to Vancouver. The ship on which they were traveling, the Princess Sophia, hit a reef while navigating the Lynn Canal and sank.

Orphaned, Polly moved in to the Caribou Hotel in Carcross and quickly became its more distinctive resident.

There has been hearsay of singing, biting, drinking and swearing, and spitting, especially at gold miners. There is gossip of Polly the Parrot being worse behaved than some of the miners who frequented the bar at the Carcross Caribou Hotel in the Yukon of Canada around 1926. But to her credit Polly did not indulge in that profane kind of chatter for which she is famous.


We are always looking for great help.


We need servers who can deliver food to tables efficiently.

  • Positions Available


Join our team of hosts with your welcoming smile and charm.

  • As we grow, we will need to fill more new positions


Prepare food with our team of lake renown chefs.

  • As we grow, we will need to fill more new positions


Can you make a mean drink for Polly? Join our team and flex your talent.

  • Positions Available


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